20.000+ SPACESUSE CASESPricing

Manage all bookings in one place

Spacebase Business gives you control over your bookings while letting your team book autonomously. No more separate invoicing, just full control of all your booking costs.



For any use case you have

Trainings and Coachings

Inspiring spaces to grow, from one-on-ones to big group sessions 


Fully individualized: white label, agency support and listing of own spaces

Flexible Workspace

A setup that supports your future of work with reduced office space 

External Meetings

Offsite spaces located right where your client needs you and your product



The common use cases for a better workspace management

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Empower teams with workspaces

Is your team suffering from home office fatigue? Expand your workspace and stay flexible with Spacebase Business. Give the team unlimited access. With admin rights and easy procura for you to keep booking stress-free. 

Simple dashboard for organised bookings

Keep all your bookings in one place and stay on top of costs thanks to our integrated dashboard. Export the data for internal analysis or just keep track of your team spending in real-time. 

Procurement Perfection

No more messy contracting or time-wasting admin. With a single supplier, you get central invoicing, individual payment methods and integrated fixed price agreements.



Single-supplier for all your location bookings

Spacebase Business handles your flexible space procurement end-to-end 

Set budgets for teams or managers

Pre-select and approve venues

Dedicated Account Manager 

Get started today, 
we have the perfect plan for you:


Business Plus

For growing business - get organized and manage all bookings

From 99 €/mo

Includes 5 admin and 150 booker accounts


Add optional features to your plan:

Booking Flatrate

200€ / month per user 

Negotiated rates & fixed prices

Starting at 10,000€ spend/mo

Integration of own spaces

5.000€ one-time set up fee 


What our clients say

"Unconventional strategies require new perspectives - that's why we prefer an extraordinary and creative environment for our meetings. Our clients share our vision and are increasingly interested in alternative venues."

Thorsten de Boer

"Spacebase is the perfect source to get inspiration for the perfect location for my next workshop. With the Spacebase guarantee, I can be sure that everything I need is taken care of."

Lauren Baronett

"What I really like about Spacebase is the ease of online transactions.
This innovative company can help larger companies save a lot of time
and money in organising meetings."

Kai Gotthardt
Program Manager



Spacebase Business is the all-in-one solution for your workspace needs

Empower your team

Increase employer satisfaction with workspace - while managing budgeting controls 

Invoicing and budget control

Manage budgeting controls for team, set budgets for teams/managers, consolidated monthly invoice, easy procura, monthly reports? 

Easy admin

Single Supplier for all your space needs - for project offices, day passes or meeting rooms, Up to 5 Admins & group accounts, access for up to 150 employees 

Price agreements and negotiations

Negotiate flexibility with the best rates for your particular space needs,
We help you save up to 20% on space costs. 

Easy booking process

Benefit from super easy booking process, live availability and preselected venues. 

Full support

Our dedicated account manager will take care of every little detail to make sure your event runs smoothly. With any space. 100% guarantee for last minute bookings 



How to get started with Spacebase Business

1. Book an appointment

We would like to know about you and your needs. Let us introduce our customized solutions in a call with our account manager. 

2. Set up your account

We help you find your optimal package and set up your company account. You set the monthly budget workspace rules for your employees. 

3. Getting started

Introduce your new booking tool to your employees. Of course we help you with training, if needed. 

4. Enjoy the benefits

Make your employees happy with office flexibility and save costs by reducing own office space. 



Left with questions ?

How to sign up for a company account?

In order to benefit from our service for frequent users, book an appointment here. Let us discuss your individual needs and to set up the account accordingly.

You do not have time for a call? Send an email to clients@spacebase.com

Which Company Account Pricing do I need?

The pricing depends on your Company set up.

For the most cases you can orientate along the amount of users. 

Book an appointment here to get information on which package suits you best.

Find an overview of our packages here.

Who needs a Company Account?

Overall: Frequent Users that want to benefit from easier processes, special rates and dedicated Account manager. 

Find our Usecases here.

Wishlist - Your preferred Spaces

As a frequent user you might be interested in using an individual selection of Spaces out of the portfolio.

To access those Spaces quicker or to create a preselection of Spaces for your team, you can create your Company-own Wishlist. All user of you Company Account will then have the access to book from this wishlist.

Managing my invoice adresses

Within your Company Account you can set up multiple invoice addresses as well as booking references. 

In the section "address" you'll find all addresses you already saved. They can be adjusted here. 

Next to that you can add other invoices addresses and booking references, just as the company structure requires.


Budgets and hierarchy levels

In order to manage your entire team within the company account you can set up individualised rules. 

Set up 3 different herarchielevels with different Budgets/Rules. 

Examples Rules:

-Certain Venues

-Certain hourly Prices

-Certain Regions

-Up until a certain monthly Budget

Get ready to kick off

You prefer a product demo? We got you, book an appointment with one of our workspace experts. 

Contact our sales team

Reach out if you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo call. 

Top 5 reasons to reach out:

Reduce your workspace costs by 30%

Access 20.000+ space on your terms

Find single supplier for all space bookings

Attract employees through your workspace strategy

Give your team access to great spaces to be creative and productive

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